• Ravine Foundation has partnered with Safaricom M~PESA Foundation to donate food hampers to needy families.
  • Beneficiaries involved children from orphanages, vulnerable families, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.
  • Over 30 households benefited from the donations.

Ravine Foundation has today hosted Safaricom M~PESA Foundation which had expressed interests in the services the organization is offering to the less fortunate members of the communities, to complement their efforts.

During this unprecedented period of covid-19, and recognizing the challenges that have come along with the pandemic, it calls for a heart to intervene for families that have been most hit to help them cope up with the situation.

Ravine Foundation is a humanitarian organization that caters to the needs of the elderly and less fortunate members of the community. The organization rolled out the Charity Support Program with the aim of donating foodstuffs, providing hygiene keeping products to needy families in the communities to help them meet their daily basic needs.

The program has reached out to areas of Mukuru Kayaba, Githogoro, Pangani with over 1000 households benefiting. The program has invited many donors such as SHOFCO, Trufoods, Doshi Group of Companies, Visa Oshwal, Bidco Africa Limited, Gold Crown Beverages Limited, K24 Television whose kind donations in terms of foodstuffs, hygiene keeping products, and media coverage is greatly recognized by the organization.

Ravine Foundation
Ravine foundation and MPESA Safaricom foundation

Today’s event which took place at the organization’s premises was facilitated by Safaricom M~MPESA Foundation which donated food hampers to children from orphanages, vulnerable families, people with disabilities, and caregivers. Over 30 households benefited from the donations.

Speaking during the event, the representatives of Safaricom M~PESA Foundation expressed their attitude on the work the organization is doing to impact the lives of the people. They assured of the company’s continued support to the organization and urged other well-wishers to join hands with Ravine Foundation’s initiative to better the lives of the needy people in our communities.

Madam Gladys Mkamburi, Founder Ravine Foundation on the other hand thanked Safaricom for partnering with them in impacting lives. She also urged other well-wishers to partner with Ravine in reaching out to needy families. She iterated that Ravine Foundation Kenya does not have specific and/or potential donors and so their donations and financial resources come from their pockets.

ravine foundation supporting the elderly
Ravine foundation and MPESA Safaricom foundation

The Beneficiaries on the other hand also expressed their gratitude for the donations they received. They thanked Safaricom and Ravine Foundation for choosing to reach on them.

Ravine Foundation is hosting a huge Christmas Event on 25th December 2020 to share a meal with the children from orphanages, vulnerable families, and caregivers. It’s inviting all well-wishers who may wish to donate foodstuffs, books, clothes among others to support the children and their families.


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