We thank you Ravine Foundation, under Director Madam Gladys for paying us women prisoners, a visit. We’ve had a good interaction with your team; they have encouraged us and so we intend to change when we come out of here. We really appreciate your endured love to us. Thank you for your kind donations, and for the party you arranged for us. We’ve enjoyed the meal and have been entertained to the fullest. May God/Allah bless you abundantly.

Langata Women Prisoners.

Ravine foundation supporting children orphanages

Thanks to our mum for visiting us here. We’re happy today that you’re provided us with foodstuffs, shelters and clothing. We promise to be good boys; respect our parents and ready to go to school and learn. Thank you and may God bless you.

Eddie Forever Solution Centre _ Kawangware: Children’s Home for Boys

We’re full of joy today. We thank Madam Gladys Mkamburi and her entire team for choosing to reach us during this drastic moments. Most of us have been so hit by the pandemic; loss of jobs, high cost of living which has rendered us into perpetual poverty. We wish you and your team, more of God’s blessings for coming up with such a program to give us solace.

Mukuru Kayaba