About Us

Ravine Foundation is non-profit humanitarian organization based in Nairobi- Kenya. Since its inception in 2017 the organization has a mandate of taking care and building the capacity of the elderly people living in the Kenyan Communities.

In many parts of Kenyan communities many elderly persons remain isolated, poor and neglected. Thank you for believing that change is possible.Ravine Foundation is an efficient and transparent organization. All donations made through our website go directly to program implementation and execution

Our Core Values


Love is the core value for Ravine Foundation. We love people from all races of life. Love is not just an external quality in our organization. It also means we are building a community that is welcoming and comfortable to everyone. We are passionate in reaching out to the vulnerable communities. We show kindness and give hope to the hopeless.

Team Work

One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousands. At Ravine, we embrace teamwork for efficiency, multiple productivity and solidify accountability. As a team we get increased learning opportunities. We can proudly mention that the success we are enjoying at Ravine is as a result of team work.


We as Ravine Foundation are honest and bear strong moral principles that governs us at all times no matter who is watching. We demonstrate integrity because we are trustworthy and dependable. We are accountable, transparent and responsible in taking care of the vulnerable in the community.


As Ravine Foundation, we respect everyone regardless of their status and race. Being our motto, we treat people who come to our organization as important; we staff treat each other with respect, value each other’s perspective as a people. It helps us present to our clients more effectively. 

Founder, Gladys Mkamburi

Ravine Foundation Kenya is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Nairobi Kenya started as a dream in 2017. The director Ambassador Gladys Mkamburi was inspired by the spirit of God, who at the time was doing her interior and design work in Nairobi. During her time, Madam Gladys used to support charity work to the elderly people and the vulnerable family members; the children of their family members, the youth in the family and other vulnerable dependent’s family members to the beneficiary elders. The project started within Nairobi in that period by providing food support at the household level. Currently it is expanding to Kiambu, Taita Taveta and Elgeyo Marakwet. 

Ravine Foundation